Here at Rincoin

We believe that we should rebuild the world as a collective not just as a corporation, Rincoin is a smart contract platform that enables people to invest and sell tokenised assets on the blockchain.

We take real world assets like Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Hydro Electric Plants, Vertical Farms and Sustainable Housing and tokenise these assets to facilitate a passive income from the investments made in these sectors. All of this is done on the blockchain to ensure transparency and a complete trust-less platform. We then pay out profits via our RinX stablecoin to all holders of Rincoin

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

The benefit of blockchain based tokenisation is that you avoid the reliance of a trusted third party. All blockchain based assets are managed solely and directly by each individual owner. By tokenising the assets of sustainable infrastructure projects, we can cut the cost, improve the speed and increase the security of transactions because the blockchains distributed ledger secures all data & that data becomes immutable on the ledger meaning no person or company can manipulate the information of a tokenised assets ownership.

Our Currency

Rincoin is backed by real world assets. Through our smart contract platform, we can enable the tokenisation of assets, investments and companies that produce dividends. This enables coin holders to be fractional owners of the asset, investment or company and provides the opportunity for the coin holder to trade ownership of the asset or hold the asset and receive dividends.

RinX stable coin is a reserve backed stable coin which is pegged to a fiat currency stored from profits received from Rincoin investments. It has a real-time value attached to the designated fiat currency of Pound Sterling. Reserve-backed stable coins function a little like paper money used to when it was linked to the gold standard. Just as cash used to be ultimately backed by gold reserves in a central bank, reserve-backed stable coins are backed one-for-one by reserves of the currencies they are pegged to.